The Berkeley Finance Club is a student organization dedicated to helping undergraduates who are interested in finance, reach their individual potential.



We invite students who are interested in the markets, enjoy interacting with people, and can think quickly on their feet to join us. We select candidates whose values, beliefs, and outlook are in line with our current members professionally and socially. By doing so, we are able to foster a close-knit community where members support each other and learn effectively together. 


When you join Berkeley Finance Club, our experiences and skill sets immediately become part of your vast resources to help you succeed. We stress that via the mentorship of the club, new members are able to find their unique path in finance. Specifically during recruiting, we are able to provide effective mentorship to help members navigate through the challenging process.


Networks are crucial for career progression which Berkeley Finance provides. We have strong relationships with our alumni, MBAs, MFEs, and other finance professionals from all over the world. These connections allow us to ensure that our members are on track before and during recruitment. We also host speaker series where professionals share their insights and advice with our club.